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Industrial honeypot implementation guide

Posted on 10/31/2019
Industrial honeypot implementation guide
This guide includes concepts related to honeypots, recommended requisites for their correct implementation, different possible types and their evolution to the present day, where they are implemented, forming a honeynet.

With the intention of knowing these systems used as defence tools and describing the steps needed to build them in an industrial system from scratch, an overview is done of their advantages, the different tools that may be useful for searching and gathering information, as well as the most stand-out projects, arisen for the defence and analysis of attackers.
The document consists of:

  • Introduction to the advantages of honeynets in pursuit of improving the cybersecurity of our systems.
  • Description of a honeynet, its architecture and components (honeywall and honeypots).
  • Classification of honeypots according to different criteria.
  • Tools used in these systems.
  • Most notable projects related to industrial honeypots.
  • Step-by-step deployment of an industrial honeypot, with illustrations and examples.
  • Conclusions.