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Protocols and network security in ICS infrastructures

Posted on 05/05/2015
Protocols and network security in ICS infrastructures
In this guide, security aspects of some of the most common network protocols used in industrial control systems are described. General strategies are suggested to supplement security and other specific to strengthen weaknesses in relation to each of the protocols chosen.

In the last years the growth of Internet and the number of devices with connectivity and process capacity have brought with them the need to adjust the corresponding security measures. Nevertheless, these security adjustments have not always grown at the same pace as the new technologies and the new devices. The Industrial Control System infrastructures are no exception and they find themselves equally affected by this evolutionary movement, if not even more so, given that the industrial control platforms used, and specifically communication protocols, are, in the main, outdated and intrinsically weak by design.

The guide discusses some of the most representative communication protocols Industrial Control Systems indicating the security aspects and additional measures necessary  to the weaknesses found