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Basic security guide in Magento

Posted on 06/04/2014
Basic security guide in Magento
INCIBE publishes a guide to improve the security of e-commerce platform Magento, in this documents consider diverse aspects of security like installation or exploitation.

The importance of e-commerce or eCommerce is indisputable, both new and already established businesses see the Internet as a great opportunity. It is expected that in 2016 e-commerce suppose more than 9% of the global sales volume. One of the main tools to implement eCommerce is using online trading platforms, and Magento has the most widespread eCommerce today. Magento has become a leader in this sector and one of the main options to consider when a virtual store is needed.

For these reasons INCIBE has developed the Basic Security Magento Guide, for the purpose of describe in a clear and simple way the main aspects have to been considered for secure a Magento eCommerce platform.

The main sections of the guide are:

  • Hosting Services:This section will describe important aspects to consider when choosing between the different options existent on the market.
  • Installation: The main steps in the Magento installation process focus in security aspects.
  • Web Server Security: A brief description of specific aspects to improve the security of Apache web server.
  • Backup: Features to consider for suitable security policy setting.
  • Security Extensions Magento: List of Magento extensions on improve its security.
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