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Laboratorio ciberseguridad Industrial Sothis
CiberSecurity Lab for Industrial Elements Test. Hardware Audit: The audit of the Hardware element will be carried out at the Sothis laboratory facilities, respecting the strictest standards of confidentiality and safety while keeping the client's assets in permanent custody. To carry out the same Sothis will use tools related to the market for this type of tasks where, as an added value, we can make large-scale production deployments in six continents and nine industrial segments. This technology is specifically designed for industrial control networks and will not "damage" the underlying industrial processes that these critical networks execute. Our equipment allows proactively describing and eliminating vulnerabilities, incorrect configurations and unsecured connections. Detect failures in remote access by applying granular access policies and recording sessions.This tool connected to our Laboratory tests and verifies the safety of its control devices. Not only PLC or iIoT, we can also analyze electronic development of our own. Through the manipulation of values, only a specific set of data is tested but through the manipulation of protocols, the implementation of the entire protocol structure can be tested, it is over here where we detect more security flaws. Advantages: Possibility of testing communication devices. Analysis of wireless communications protocols, such as 802.11, Z-Wave, or Zigbee. Quick detection of changes in device configuration. Standardized interfaces for data processing in higher systems. Centralized updating and optimization of network components. Aligned with the requirements of the rules, regulations and acts to protect the infrastructure. Automated asset identification to assist in risk analysis and mitigation. 100% passive monitors the state of the network without affecting the monitored systems. Possibility of testing Ethernet equipment to comply with IEC62443 regulations, making reports with the vulnerabilities in the device. Ability to perform pen-testing, and analysis of any Ethernet device, as shown in the images, IP cameras, HMI, Automation.
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Food, Chemical Industry, Water, Energy, Transport, ICT, Nuclear Industry, Other
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Access for research and tests at real facilities

Remote and/or physical access to real industrial installations, in order to carry out research tasks and tests.


Expert advice on implementing industrial environments, technological platforms giving access to industrial environments, securing industrial environments, etc.

Cybersecurity assessments

Component security and/or industrial systems assessments: audits, vulnerability scanning, intrusion testing, etc.

Development and implementation of cybersecurity solutions

Research, development and implementation of new cybersecurity solutions specialised in industrial environments.

Specialised training

Training services in Industrial environment, IT environments, securing of industrial environments, etc.

Access for research and tests at pilot plant

Remote and/or physical access to pilot plants and industrial process models, in order to carry out research tasks and tests.

Automation and control technologies

Physical components involved in process control. For example: Controllers, PLCs, RTUs, PC Industrial, Robots, Drivers, etc.

Field technologies - Real installations

Real installations which the laboratory gives access to. For example: energy supervision systems, climate supervision and control systems, etc.

Field technologies - Teaching equipment

Material or equipment designed to facilitate the learning process of a determined subject. For example: training simulators, panels, trainers, modular devices, etc.

Monitoring technologies

Physical components involved in process supervision and data concentration and cleaning so they can then be sent to the next levels. For example: SCADA systems, storage servers, HMIs, etc.

Monitoring tools

Software tools used to monitor processes carried out in the laboratory. For example: WinCC, Vijeo Citect, and the laboratory´s own monitoring tools.

Simulation tools

Simulation tools of real components inside an industrial architecture. For example: network simulators, operation level components simulators, monitoring level components simulators, control level components simulators, field level components simulators, etc.

Software for the management an use of the physical component

Software tools used to manage, programme and configure the laboratory´s physical components. For example: Simatic-S7, Unity Pro, LabVIEW, etc.

Tools for communications management

Software tools used for managing laboratory communications (VPNs,...).