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The laboratory has demonstrator models for research and training in Industry 4.0 and cybersecurity of industrial control systems. It includes 10 control cabinets representing automation systems, including the lower levels of the automation pyramid (field, control, and supervision) and the communications and links between them. The integral view of the automation pyramid and the network architectures provides a satisfactory solution to the current lack of educational equipment in this field. Apart from industrial devices (PLC, HMI display, variable frequency drive, etc.), the cabinet includes network elements (a router, a switch and a firewall with deep packet inspection). In addition, there is a set of virtual machines with the usual software available in engineering and monitoring workstations of an industrial control system (SCADA, PLC, etc) or security-related software (for filtering and protection, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, etc.). Remote connection to the demonstrator can be made through the restricted access to a remote desktop manager that enables the access to a certain virtual machine while it blocks any outbound traffic so that the test environment is isolated. A user can perform several tasks, e.g. secure configuration of industrial devices, network traffic analysis, reconnaissance and vulnerability assessment, configuration of security filters. The user can take as well different roles in the control system, both from a control or security perspective.
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Access for research and tests at real facilities

Remote and/or physical access to real industrial installations, in order to carry out research tasks and tests.

Cybersecurity assessments

Component security and/or industrial systems assessments: audits, vulnerability scanning, intrusion testing, etc.

Specialised training

Training services in Industrial environment, IT environments, securing of industrial environments, etc.

Automation and control technologies

Physical components involved in process control. For example: Controllers, PLCs, RTUs, PC Industrial, Robots, Drivers, etc.

Field technologies - Models and pilot plants

Pilot plants, models and elements which implement real processes in the laboratory.

Field technologies - Teaching equipment

Material or equipment designed to facilitate the learning process of a determined subject. For example: training simulators, panels, trainers, modular devices, etc.

Monitoring technologies

Physical components involved in process supervision and data concentration and cleaning so they can then be sent to the next levels. For example: SCADA systems, storage servers, HMIs, etc.

Monitoring tools

Software tools used to monitor processes carried out in the laboratory. For example: WinCC, Vijeo Citect, and the laboratory´s own monitoring tools.

Software for the management an use of the physical component

Software tools used to manage, programme and configure the laboratory´s physical components. For example: Simatic-S7, Unity Pro, LabVIEW, etc.

Tools for communications management

Software tools used for managing laboratory communications (VPNs,...).