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ICS21sec Portable Demo

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ICS21sec portable demo
Laboratory for training and practical demonstrations in industrial security and portable for carrying out practical training and demonstrations in industrial cyber-security, mainly in the control systems and industrial automation area.
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Nuclear Industry, Chemical industry, Water, Energy
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Other services offered.

Specialised training

Training services in Industrial environment, IT environments, securing of industrial environments, etc.

Automation and control technologies

Physical components involved in process control. For example: Controllers, PLCs, RTUs, PC Industrial, Robots, Drivers, etc.

Monitoring technologies

Physical components involved in process supervision and data concentration and cleaning so they can then be sent to the next levels. For example: SCADA systems, storage servers, HMIs, etc.


Other physical components

Monitoring tools

Software tools used to monitor processes carried out in the laboratory. For example: WinCC, Vijeo Citect, and the laboratory´s own monitoring tools.


Other software components.

Simulation tools

Simulation tools of real components inside an industrial architecture. For example: network simulators, operation level components simulators, monitoring level components simulators, control level components simulators, field level components simulators, etc.

Software for the management an use of the physical component

Software tools used to manage, programme and configure the laboratory´s physical components. For example: Simatic-S7, Unity Pro, LabVIEW, etc.

Tools for communications management

Software tools used for managing laboratory communications (VPNs,...).