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Deloitte LAB Cyber Intelligence Center (CIC)

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The Deloitte LAB Cyber Intelligence Center (CIC) is an industrial security laboratory aimed at demonstrating the impact of possible cyber attacks on critical industrial infrastructures. The laboratory has the following objectives: Integrate industrial security hardware and software elements in order to test their operation in a real environment. Test the scope of cyber attacks on industrial elements and protocols, such as PLC, HMI and SCADA. Demonstrate the consequences of these attacks in an interactive model that will have the generation, distribution and consumption phases of a certain service. The laboratory consists of PLCs, HMIs, industrial antennas, industrial switches, industrial firewalls and passive industrial control elements (ICS). These elements form the static part of the laboratory. An industrial network mounted in a rack cabinet designed for both, the evaluation of safety equipment and the control of the assets of the interactive model. Stress tests can be performed, targeted attacks and any proof of concept (PoC) in a fully controlled and monitored environment, in order to evaluate the impact that would have in a real environment. On the other hand, the interactive model can be controlled as a part of the industrial network (static part) or from an independent control element like the HMI, in the "master-slave" paradigm, and can be converted into a mobile laboratory. The set of these two blocks are adapted to the objective of D-LAB: Demonstrate the need of protection against media in industrial environments, from the study to the detail in the generation of an attack. in the complete service cycle (generation, distribution and consumption) to be able to propose solutions based on elements tested internally in the laboratory
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Expert advice on implementing industrial environments, technological platforms giving access to industrial environments, securing industrial environments, etc.

Cybersecurity assessments

Component security and/or industrial systems assessments: audits, vulnerability scanning, intrusion testing, etc.

Development and implementation of cybersecurity solutions

Research, development and implementation of new cybersecurity solutions specialised in industrial environments.

Specialised training

Training services in Industrial environment, IT environments, securing of industrial environments, etc.

Access for research and tests at pilot plant

Remote and/or physical access to pilot plants and industrial process models, in order to carry out research tasks and tests.

Automation and control technologies

Physical components involved in process control. For example: Controllers, PLCs, RTUs, PC Industrial, Robots, Drivers, etc.

Field technologies - Models and pilot plants

Pilot plants, models and elements which implement real processes in the laboratory.

Field technologies - Teaching equipment

Material or equipment designed to facilitate the learning process of a determined subject. For example: training simulators, panels, trainers, modular devices, etc.

Monitoring technologies

Physical components involved in process supervision and data concentration and cleaning so they can then be sent to the next levels. For example: SCADA systems, storage servers, HMIs, etc.

Monitoring tools

Software tools used to monitor processes carried out in the laboratory. For example: WinCC, Vijeo Citect, and the laboratory´s own monitoring tools.

Simulation tools

Simulation tools of real components inside an industrial architecture. For example: network simulators, operation level components simulators, monitoring level components simulators, control level components simulators, field level components simulators, etc.

Software for the management an use of the physical component

Software tools used to manage, programme and configure the laboratory´s physical components. For example: Simatic-S7, Unity Pro, LabVIEW, etc.

Tools for communications management

Software tools used for managing laboratory communications (VPNs,...).