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Cybersecurity Highlights

This section registers the most relevant incidents or public events related to the cybersecurity and information and communication technologies (ICT), in a way that a chronological history of them is available, together with their main links, references and information sources.

Anthem hacked

Anthem, the second largest health insurer in the USA has been hacked. This could be the largest incident in the health sector until now, and could affect to approximately 80 million registers with...

BMW fixes critical vulnerability in 2.2 million cars

The German Automobile Club Association (ADAC) has published a vulnerability affecting BMW vehicles with ConnectedDrive that also have a data SIM. BMW ConnectedDrive allows using a smartphone for...

Facebook and Instagram offline during one hour

During approximately one hour, Facebook and Instagram have gone offline. Facebook has declared that this event has not been the consequence of an attack. Instead, they have stated that the problem...

SS7 flaws allows listening to calls and reading SMS

Several flaws in SS7 protocol, the one used to manage calls through the telephone network, makes it possible for anyone to listen in on cell phone calls, read text messages abusing the legitime...

Misfortune Cookie

Check Point researchers have detected a vulnerability that would affect more than 12 million devices in 189 countries.The vulnerability is due to an incorrect handling of the HTTP cookies in the...