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Cybersecurity Highlights

This section registers the most relevant incidents or public events related to the cybersecurity and information and communication technologies (ICT), in a way that a chronological history of them is available, together with their main links, references and information sources.

0day in Seagate NAS devices

Beyond Binary has published a 0day report that affects NAS devices from Seagate. The vulnerability allows unauthenticated attackers to perform remote code execution, provided that they are located...

Joint operation against Ramnit botnet

The Europol has led a joint operation for taking down the Ramnit botnet. In this operation, law enforcement agencies from Germany, Holand, Italy and the UK, in collaboration with AnubisNetworks,...

Equation Group, most advanced cyberespionage operation

Kaspersky has reported the existence of an organization called Equation Group. This organization would be an advanced cyberespionage group, with access to more advanced and sophisticated malware...