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Cybersecurity Highlights

This section registers the most relevant incidents or public events related to the cybersecurity and information and communication technologies (ICT), in a way that a chronological history of them is available, together with their main links, references and information sources.

Large luxury hotel chains are attacked

Large luxury hotel chains such as Sheraton, Westin, Hilton, Trump have been victims of an attack between November 2014 and June 2015. Officials said a hosted malware in payment systems able to...

VTech Hack Exposes 4.8 Million Customers

The toy company and electronic technology specialist VTech has confirmed the security breach suffered, by November 14, 2015, the Learning Lodge app store customer database, where users can download...

CryptoLocker/Cryptowall Ransomware Kit Sold

Allegedly the creator of the CryptoLocker and Cryptowall ransomware, known as "Whiterocks" or "firew0rm" has put on sale theses malware. According to the announcement on Pastebin there are two...

Android Tablets with a preinstalled Trojan sold on Amazon

Researchers from the Cheetah Mobile Security Lab have found a dangerous Trojan, dubbed Cloudsota, pre-installed on certain Android tablets sell by Amazon. Cloudsota can install adware or malware on...

13 Million Passwords Leaked From 000Webhost

000Webhost, one of the main free hosting, has been attacked and leaked 13 millones password in plain text because the data did not have encryption. The company has been notified of the multiple...