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Thai prison, Lang Suan, victim of a security incident


The Thai prison, Lang Suan, in Chumphon province, has suffered a cyberattack on its video surveillance system (Closed Circuit Television, CCTV) by dumping its video signal on YouTube for several hours.

The incident took place on December 23, 2019 and was detected by the Thai Prison Department the next day through the YouTube channel "Big Brother's Gaze". The cybercriminal, owner of the channel, took advantage of the CCTV system's Internet connection and the passwords implemented by default in the channel.

In response, the General Director of the Department of Corrections, Narat Sawettanan, ordered the disconnection of the CCTV system and reported the events to the police.

The video has now been removed from YouTube and an investigation remains open to identify the attacker and determine the causes of the intrusion.