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Shadow Brokers threaten to spread new exploits


The hacker group called Shadow Brokers, has publicly threatened through an internet forum with the sell subject to upon payment of technical details of tools similar to those used to massively propagate the ransomware WannaCry. This group of cybercriminals, who recently managed to obtain an arsenal of cyber-weapons from the NSA, claims to be able to sell technical documentation to exploit several types of vulnerabilities in web browsers, routers, smartphones or operating systems such Windows 10. Besides, they also claim to be able to sell confidential information from the financial system or even the nuclear programs of countries such as Russia, China, Iran or North Korea.

Update 30/05/2017: The group called Shadow Brokers has published on the internet information about the price and the steps to follow in order to obtain via e-mail the technical details corresponding to several cyber-weapons stolen from the NSA.