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Possible information leakage affects FSB


Several media have voiced a possible information leak that would affect the FSB, the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, the successor organisation to the KGB, calling it "possibly the biggest security breach in the history of Russian intelligence services".

According to the BBC in Russia, the attack could have been carried out on July 13 through SyTech, a contractor with whom FSB has various intelligence projects. 

The alleged intrusion is attributed to the "0v1ru$" group of cybercriminals, who claim they accessed through one of SyTech's servers, and from where they extracted 7.5TB related to approximately 20 intelligence projects. They also took the opportunity to deface the contractor's website by posting a meme on the main page of their website.

According to statements by the BBC in Russia, "the data obtained does not contain state secrets or government documents".