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The most important hardware weaknesses according to MITRE


MITRE has published the list of the most important hardware (HW) weaknesses (CWE) for the year 2021 in order to raise awareness and prevent security incidents. Among the most dangerous ones are:

  • improper isolation of shared resources on system-on-a-chip (SoC),
  • on-chip debug and test interface with improper access control,
  • improper prevention of lock bit modification,
  • security-sensitive HW controls with missing lock bit protection,
  • use of a cryptographic primitive with a risky implementation,
  • internal asset exposed to unsafe debug access level or state,
  • improper restriction of software interfaces to hardware features,
  • improper handling of overlap between protected memory ranges,
  • sensitive information uncleared before debug/power state transition,
  • improper access control for volatile memory containing boot code,
  • firmware not updateable and
  • improper protection of physical side channels.