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Kawasaki recognises unauthorised access to its IT network


The Japanese company, Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd, has reported an unauthorised access to its internal IT network at its headquarters in Japan, by a third party from some of its offices located abroad. 

The security incident was identified following an internal audit, carried out on 11th of June, which found evidence of unauthorised access to a corporate server from its Thai offices. The cyberattack was repeated through other offices located in the Philippines, Indonesia and the United States. 

Despite cutting off communication between their offices immediately, it is suspected that some information may have been stolen, but its content is unknown and, at the moment, there is no evidence that any data has been published on the web.

Communications between the central and foreign offices have now been reestablished, access control measures have been tightened and network traffic is being monitored. Users who may have been affected are being informed.