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Information theft in the OGusers community


The cybersecurity researcher Brian Krebs has reported the hacking suffered by the underground community OGusers by another forum of similar characteristics RaidForums. OGusers and RaidForums are forums where information from account hacking and SIM card data exchange (SIM swapping) is traded uncontrollably.

OGusers' administrator, user Ace, tried to hide the problem and initially reported a hard drive crash, which allegedly resulted in the deletion of private messages and publications, and explained that he had to restore the January 2019 backup.

Days later, RaidForums published the database of OGusers in its forum, with information including usernames, e-mail addresses, passwords (hashed with MD5), private messages and IP addresses of about 113,000 users who made use of the forum to access the trade of stolen data, highlighting the danger of this type of exchange sites.