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Hacking group linked to NSA tools leaked online


A group os hackers called ShadowBrokers have published through Github and Tumblr a bunch of tools and vulnerabilities belonging to Equation group, a cybersecurity group linked to NSA and that were allegedly involved in Stuxnet and Regin. The authenticity of these tools has been confirmed by former NSA employees, vendors and security firm Kaspersky labs, after checking digital signature from previous malware and software used by Equation Group. 

Besides, ShadowBrokers are also asking for 1 million bitcoins (more than 500M€) to release new tools and files from the same source. 


05/10/2016 The F.B.I. secretly arrested in August a former National Security Agency contractor of the consulting company Booz Allen Hamilton. According to law enforcement officials, he is being investigated for "theft of government property and unauthorized removal and retention of classified materials.” This fact can be connected with the NSA operative's error allowed NSA hacking tools to be stolen by outsiders.