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Hackers infiltrate the Withe House

White House sources have declared having identified suspicious activity in one of the unclassified networks of the Wite House. This incidente would have been the cause of temporary outages of the service.

Although the White House officials have not informed about who might be responsible for this intrusion, they have confirmed that the objective of this attack has not been stealing information nor service disruption. Rather, its aim is probably probing and mapping the White House unclassified network or some kind of surveillance activity.

UPDATE April 8, 2015 - According to several sources, Russian hackers were responsible for this intrusion in the White House unclassified computer network. To get into the White House, the hackers first broke into the State Department and used "hijacked" mail accounts to perform a spear phishing attack against the White House.

Although the White House stated that the leaked information was not classified, it is considered a serious intrusion. The hackers had access in real-time to sensitive information such as non-public details of the president's schedule.