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Cybersecurity researchers remotely hack a Jeep Cherokee


Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, cybersecurity specialists, remotely hacked into a 2014 Jeep Cherokee via Uconnect. This system is installed in hundreds of thousands of cars made by the FCA group since late 2013 and allows owners to remotely start the car, unlock doors, etc. A security hole allows to access the car’s systems and take control: killing engine and controlling interior features such as air conditioning, locks and the radio. The researchers notified Fiat Chrysler nine months ago, allowing the car manufacturer to release a security update to fix the problem, which it did on 16 July. The company is apparently unable to automatically update the cars over the internet so the update requires users to manually update their cars by visiting the manufacturer’s site, downloading a programme on to a flash drive and inserting it into the car’s USB socket. The security researchers estimated that there are as many as 471,000 vehicles with vulnerable Uconnect systems on the road.