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Cybersecurity Highlights

This section registers the most relevant incidents or public events related to the cybersecurity and information and communication technologies (ICT), in a way that a chronological history of them is available, together with their main links, references and information sources.
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United Airlines attacked

The world's second largest airline, United Airlines, is attacked and the origin supposedly is the same as accessed confidential information Pentagon. Between late May and early June airline...

The data of 39 million users of Ashley Madison made public

A group of hackers, known as «The Impact Team», have stolen and leaked personal information from online site Ashley Madison, an international portal dedicated to connecting married people who want...

Hacking Team hacked

The Italian cyberweapons manufacturer Hacking Team has been hacked and publish 400GB of internal company data. The data include internal files, bills, list of clients and theirs credential, emails...

Japan pension system hacked

Japan pension system has been hacked and over one million personal data records have been leaked, as confirmed by the Japanese authorities. The attack, discovered on 28 May, began when an employee...

Yemen Ciber Army attacks Saudi Government networks

A group of hackers, known as Yemen Ciber Army, has hacked Saudi Government networks from Saudi Arabia’s Foreign, Interior and Defense ministries. Cybercriminals have released thousands of secret...

SendGrid hacked

SendGrid , an email service used by thousands of companies, including for instance Spotify, Pinterest, Uber and Coinbase, has confirmed that an employee's account has been hacked. Through this...