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Cybersecurity Highlights

This section registers the most relevant incidents or public events related to the cybersecurity and information and communication technologies (ICT), in a way that a chronological history of them is available, together with their main links, references and information sources.
Post related to: Information leakage

Stolen personal data of US government employees

US officials said personal data of 21.5 million employees and outsiders were stolen three months ago of the OPM "Office of Personnel Management". OPM says that the people affected will be notified...

Firefox vulnerabilities exposed

Bugzilla is a web tool of Mozilla for report errors on a single platform. Depending on the error reported by the user this was common knowledge to the community or was restricted to Bugzilla...

ICANN website hacked again

ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), organization responsible for assigning domain names and IP addresses on the Internet, has suffered another security breach, the third...

Carphone Warehouse reveals data breach

Carphone Warehouse has revealed that personal data of up to 2.4 million customers may have been accessed by hackers, including names, addresses, date of birth and information and bank details. Also...

Information stealing from Bitdefender

Romanian company specialized in IT security was attacked and stolen confidential customer data. The attacker gained access to a corporate server through a SQL injection vulnerability. Once inside...

United Airlines attacked

The world's second largest airline, United Airlines, is attacked and the origin supposedly is the same as accessed confidential information Pentagon. Between late May and early June airline...

The data of 39 million users of Ashley Madison made public

A group of hackers, known as «The Impact Team», have stolen and leaked personal information from online site Ashley Madison, an international portal dedicated to connecting married people who want...

Hacking Team hacked

The Italian cyberweapons manufacturer Hacking Team has been hacked and publish 400GB of internal company data. The data include internal files, bills, list of clients and theirs credential, emails...