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Exposed user data from Marriott hotel company


Marriott, one of the largest hotel chains on the planet, issued a statement on November 30, 2018 confirming that it had detected unauthorized access to its customer database on November 19, 2018, with information on about 500 million people.

As explained in the statement, the accessed database contains information related to reservations at Starwood properties made up to 10 September 2018. The investigation indicates that, for 327 million of those clients, information relating to passport and bank account numbers, dates and places of birth of clients and their contact details, among others, would have been disclosed.

Marriott has set up a customer service centre, notified those affected by the incident by e-mail and offered the possibility of a free network security service for one year. In addition, it recommends changing all passwords that may have been discovered and keeping an eye out for any updates on what has happened.

[Update 11/12/2018]: Connie Kim, Marriott spokeswoman, said they have established a process to determine whether their customers have been victims of the fraud and, if so, the company will reimburse the amount associated with obtaining a new passport.