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The data of 39 million users of Ashley Madison made public


A group of hackers, known as «The Impact Team», have stolen and leaked personal information from online site Ashley Madison, an international portal dedicated to connecting married people who want an affair. The group, which is trying to blackmail the site into shutting down, has released 40MB of the stolen data, including credit card details as well as internal documents. The company has confirmed that they are working with law enforcement agencies, which are investigating this act that potentially affects about 37 million users.

UPDATE 25 August - Some users are being extorted by email requiring pay 1.05 bitcoins, about 195 euros, or inform their Facebook contacts that are registered in the portal. Other consequence of filtration is the suicide of some users of Canada. The two companies owning the web face a collective demand of 500 million euros.

UPDATE 11 September - The Cynosure Prime group has analyzed the filtered data and found coding errors in half of the 32 million accounts. The number of passwords that Cynosure Prime has cracked amounts to 11 million. The group says the two big mistakes they made is that converted them all to lowercase letters and used some of the weaker encryption algorithms that currently exists.

UPDATE 17 July/2017 - The dating website Ashley Madison decides to compensate with approximately $ 2 to victims of the robbery of personal information in its platform of exmarital appointments.
Ashley Madison offers more compensation, around $ 3,500, to affected users who can prove that they were directly harmed as a result of data leakage, with consequences such as lost job or marriage break.