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Mitigating availability problems in the industry

Mitigating availability problems in the industry

Posted on 07/19/2018, by INCIBE
Given that availability is always a critical point to take into account for within industrial environments, it is necessary to prevent the attacks that denial of services cause and that affect these environments. The means of giving way to a denial of service can be diverse, much like the means of mitigating these problems. This article will review all of these points, as well as the way in which the risks derived from these attacks can be reduced.
Trends in the industry, improvements in cybersecurity

Trends in the industry, improvements in cybersecurity

Posted on 07/12/2018, by INCIBE
Manufacturers have an essential role with regards improving the cybersecurity in their devices. These improvements will not only affect the devices, but rather they will also involve an improvement in the cybersecurity of industrial infrastructure where the new security provisions and functions that have the manufacturers' automation and control solutions (e.g. SCADA, PLC, etc.) are introduced.
image of Monitoring Networks and Events in SCIs

Monitoring Networks and Events in SCIs: more Information, more Security

Posted on 06/28/2018, by INCIBE
Advances in security within control systems have brought us many of the security tools and services offered in IT for this environment. Until now, protection was based on reactive measures, acting only where there was evidence of the attack, but this trend changed with deployment of monitoring and the proactive defensive actions that this can provide.
Cover commitment in the industry

The value of commitment indicators in industry

Posted on 03/08/2018, by INCIBE
In recent years, indicators of compromise have become the best way of exchanging information when it comes to managing an incident. But, do we really know how to manage an indicator of compromise? The aim of an indicator of compromise is to map the information that is received or extracted during the analysis of an incident. This is done in such a way that it can be reused by other investigators or affected people, in order to discover the same evidence in their systems and to be able to determine if they have been compromised or not.
Iniciativas y prácticas de seguridad para el IoT

Safety initiatives and best practices for IoT

Posted on 12/11/2017, by Miriam Puente García
Tomando en consideración las amenazas y los riesgos detallados anteriormente queda de manifiesto la necesidad de desarrollar acciones o modelos de protección para mitigar las vulnerabilidades que surgen del tratamiento de los datos de los usuarios así como prácticas de seguridad en la funcionalidad y el despliegue de tecnologías IoT.
The Knowledge of Industrial Security Staff

The Knowledge of Industrial Security Staff

Posted on 10/18/2017, by INCIBE
The industry is increasingly calling for experts in security, and the business world is not capable of meeting that demand due to the lack of trained professionals. This is not a problem that solely affects Spain; it also affects the whole of Europe and the U.S.A. But, what is it that is asked of industrial security experts?
Transparent firewalls, cristal bricks

Transparent firewalls, cristal bricks

Posted on 08/31/2017, by INCIBE
The architecture of our industrial control systems is not as static as it was some years ago. The adapting of new standards, or simply trying to improve the security of our industrial networks, creates the need to introduce one or various firewalls within our network. Thinking about having to change a network's architecture, the IP of our devices, tests, etc. when introducing a new firewall often leads to the bad decision to not install it. But, do we know about transparent firewalls and how they can be installed with almost no impact in our network? These solutions have advanced a lot in the industry and may be a true plus to our security.
Robots and drones in the Industry 4.0

Robots and drones in the Industry 4.0

Posted on 07/20/2017, by INCIBE
Industry 4.0 integrates a large amount of devices used to provide the industrial processes with more intelligence. Among said devices we can find many different types of equipment such as drones or robots that perform specific tasks or tasks requiring precision. The use of these devices –quite well known nowadays– has certain implications for the security of control systems.