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Atrapando sombras en la industria

Hunting shadows in Industry

Posted on 11/03/2016, by INCIBE
In the same way that a known character or image is reflected within an industry by feigning a happy face, advanced persistent threats exist and are often camouflaged through the phenomenon of pareidolia (they resemble something else) within industrial networks. But how can we spot these threats? And, above all, is it possible to pre-empt their malicious intentions?
Cyber Kill Chain

Cyber Kill Chain applied to ICS

Posted on 10/27/2016, by INCIBE
The process of fulfilling an attack implies many previous stages before arriving to the visible stage of the attack, that is, to the moment when the security of a system, company or industry is compromised. The cyber kill chain describes all those previous stages and establishes preventive actions for each of them.