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Post related to: Industrial Control System
Intrusion prevention and management of events for control systems

Intrusion prevention and management of events for control systems

Posted on 04/27/2017, by INCIBE
The installation of security tools may be complex sometimes due to different reasons: the complexity of the tool itself, the environment in which it is installed, the necessary settings, etc. This post shows how to implement an IDS solution and how to manage events in a centralised manner by means of an event manager for industrial control systems.
La seguridad en los protocolos de control de edificios

Security in Protocols for Building Automation

Posted on 04/20/2017, by INCIBE
Smart buildings, either intended for housing, for offices or for industries, are fitted with communications systems for control of all elements such as lighting, heating and air conditioning, blinds, etc. Such communications are mainly carried out by means of two protocols or technologies: BACnet and LonWorks. In this article, the security capabilities of each protocol for operating in as a secure manner as possible shall be described.
Honeypots industriales

Industrial Honeypots

Posted on 03/23/2017, by INCIBE
The increasing number of attacks to industrial networks forces us to analyse their behaviour so that we can implement measures to mitigate said attacks. One of the options used to learn about the behaviour of attacks is the deployment of honeypots. This article deals with the advantages and challenges of this technology when used in industrial environments.
Network Analyzers in Control Systems

Network Analyzers in Control Systems

Posted on 02/10/2017
The security of a system is fundamentally based on knowledge of the communications developed therein. For this reason, network analyzers are indispensable elements that allow us to identify the information exchanged between elements and discover relevant information, such as erroneous implementations of the stack of some protocols, possible information leaks, non-defined communications, etc.
Security for PLC Updating

Security for PLC Updating

Posted on 01/26/2017, by INCIBE
Sometimes it is necessary to make some adjustments to control system devices, which leads to a reprogramming of PLC, RTU and similar devices. Reprogramming is a complicated step in terms of security and if the process is not adequately executed, the entire process of which the device is a part may be at risk.