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Specialized blog with informative contents destined to a public with marked technical profile, in order to improve knowledge and create a culture about the security in Internet.
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Trends in the industry, improvements in cybersecurity

Trends in the industry, improvements in cybersecurity

Posted on 07/12/2018, by INCIBE
Manufacturers have an essential role with regards improving the cybersecurity in their devices. These improvements will not only affect the devices, but rather they will also involve an improvement in the cybersecurity of industrial infrastructure where the new security provisions and functions that have the manufacturers' automation and control solutions (e.g. SCADA, PLC, etc.) are introduced.

Low cost automation

Posted on 03/22/2018, by INCIBE
Computers used in control systems to perform a particular process usually have high costs due to their specialisation for a very specific task. But is it possible to manage a process with a small-dimension mass-produced generic system? In some cases, yes, and this is being increasingly demonstrated by low-cost hardware available to both industry and individuals.
Cryptography for Strengthening Cybersecurity in Industrial Environments

Cryptography for Strengthening Cybersecurity in Industrial Environments

Posted on 02/23/2017, by INCIBE
Although in industrial environments, availability is king, integrity is also a factor to be taken into account as data must be transferred in unaltered form. The use of mechanisms such as digital signatures helps with integrity, although it is not so simple to implement in all environments.

Trusted Platform Module

Posted on 06/18/2015, by Miguel Herrero (INCIBE)
In this article, in which the concept of security through hardware was introduced, we mentioned two of the main lines of research that are followed to certify the hardware on which an application runs, speaking specifically about the research and theory behind physical unclonable functions, or PUF. Leaving aside the one focussed on PUF, the industry has developed and incorporated some...
Security through Hardware

Security through Hardware

Posted on 05/07/2015, by Miguel Herrero (INCIBE)
For a long time, computer security was habitually grounded in software. Certification that a physical element is what it claims to be has in the past been rendered difficult by software procedures capable of cloning the characteristics of physical devices or their behaviour. For example, tools appeared that made it feasible to clone the media access control (MAC) of any piece of equipment, so...
Not on my shift...

Contactless payment? Not on my shift...

Posted on 12/18/2014, by Miguel Herrero (INCIBE)
Mobile Pwn2Own 2014, an event focused on discovering vulnerabilities targeting last generation mobiles, compromised five top quality smartphones. Different techniques were used to compromise these, being NFC the technology used to vulnerate Samsung Galaxy 5 and LG Nexus 5 and getting control of the mobile. It is not the first time NFC stars in security news. Not too long ago we could see how a...