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Specialized blog with informative contents destined to a public with marked technical profile, in order to improve knowledge and create a culture about the security in Internet.
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Cryptography for Strengthening Cybersecurity in Industrial Environments

Cryptography for Strengthening Cybersecurity in Industrial Environments

Posted on 02/23/2017, by INCIBE
Although in industrial environments, availability is king, integrity is also a factor to be taken into account as data must be transferred in unaltered form. The use of mechanisms such as digital signatures helps with integrity, although it is not so simple to implement in all environments.

Does Blockchain protect my personal information?

Posted on 12/22/2016, by Jesús Díaz Vico
Blockchain is in fashion. Every month, new systems of this type emerge, applications that use them or companies who base their business models on the opportunities provided by this technology. Despite this boom, there is still a lot of uncertainty surrounding the protocol.
Paradoja gato schrodinger

Is there cryptography after the cat?

Posted on 09/15/2016, by Miguel Herrero (INCIBE)
La computación cuántica revolucionará la ciberseguridad tal y como la conocemos. Tecnologías actuales dejarán de ser seguras a medida que irrumpan ordenadores cuánticos con suficiente capacidad. ¿Qué algoritmos tendremos para reemplazar los que vamos dejando atrás?

DROWN: yet another SSL vulnerability

Posted on 03/23/2016, by Santiago González (INCIBE)
What is DROWN? DROWN is the name given to a new vulnerability linked to It is therefore a continuation of the trend that has appeared in recent years whereby diverse vulnerabilities have appeared which have a certain impact associated to Internet communication security, for example Heartbleed, POODLE, WinShock, FREAK o Logjam, among others. The acronym DROWN stands for Decrypting RSA with...
Let’s Encrypt: The democratisation of SSL certificates

Let’s Encrypt: The democratisation of SSL certificates

Posted on 02/02/2016, by Antonio Rodríguez (INCIBE)
There are still a great number of websites that do not use SSL/TLS certificates to encrypt their connections; this has been a problem in web communications security for years. There are various reasons for this; however, perhaps the most important is the fact that historically, having an SSL certificate was unviable economically, particularly for personal websites, SMEs, or small online shops...

Cybercamp 2015: Face the challenges that dare your potential!

Posted on 07/17/2015, by INCIBE
We are getting closer to the second edition of CyberCamp, the cybersecurity event organised by INCIBE, which started last year with the aim of bringing together young talent in cybersecurity. This year, it will be held in the Barclaycard Center in Madrid between 26 and 29 November. To detect and identify the best talent in Spain, as in the last edition, we have organised a series of technical...
Study of the security in cloud storage services

Study of the security in cloud storage services: Analysis of Dropbox and Mega

Posted on 01/27/2015, by Jesús Díaz (INCIBE)
Cloud storage services are receiving increasing popularity. But, how to choose among al the available alternatives? In this study, the main factors affecting security are described, creating a common framework for their analysis. Subsequently, these principles are applied for analyzing two of the main current solutions: Dropbox and Mega.
cryptographic web protocols

2014: The toughest year for cryptographic web protocols

Posted on 12/30/2014, by Santiago González (INCIBE)
Security errors SSL (along with its TLS evolution) is the most used cryptographic protocol in its different implementations to guarantee the confidentiality of communications on Internet. This is achieved by ciphering, via asymmetrical cryptography algorithms, the communications between the client (usually the user’s web browser) and the server it gains access to. When a website is shown using...