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Specialized blog with informative contents destined to a public with marked technical profile, in order to improve knowledge and create a culture about the security in Internet.
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2015 Cybersecurity Highlights

2015 Cybersecurity Highlights log

Posted on 01/28/2016, by David Cantón (INCIBE)
Nobody can deny that computer security is a vital issue in our lives, affecting all of us. It is not uncommon to see articles on themes related to or speaking directly about computer security in newspapers or mainstream publications. The INCIBE_ Cybersecurity Highlights log aims to gather together articles published on events or incidents related to computer security based on their importance...
Cybersecurity concerns for Industrial Control Systems professionals

Cybersecurity concerns for Industrial Control Systems professionals

Posted on 02/17/2015, by Miguel Herrero (INCIBE)
Industrial Control Systems (ICS) encompass several types of systems designed to control and automate industrial processes. From controlling the temperature of an oven to the movement of a conveyer belt in a factory. A simplified and typical view of the architecture of ICS could be made up of the following elements. Sensors: They receive information from the physical world and translate it...