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Specialized blog with informative contents destined to a public with marked technical profile, in order to improve knowledge and create a culture about the security in Internet.
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Click fraud - a highly lucrative business

Posted on 07/28/2015, by INCIBE
Various studies have indicated that bots currently constitute over half of all global Internet traffic. Certain reports, such as "The 2015 Bad Bot Landscape Report" released by Distil Networks, Inc, even divide traffic into legitimate and malicious traffic, concluding that the latter is growing at an alarming rate. The boom that Cloud Computing has experienced in recent times has been one of...
Study of the security in cloud storage services

Study of the security in cloud storage services: Analysis of Dropbox and Mega

Posted on 01/27/2015, by Jesús Díaz (INCIBE)
Cloud storage services are receiving increasing popularity. But, how to choose among al the available alternatives? In this study, the main factors affecting security are described, creating a common framework for their analysis. Subsequently, these principles are applied for analyzing two of the main current solutions: Dropbox and Mega.

The Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment (iOCTA) by EC3

Posted on 12/16/2014, by María José Santos (INCIBE)
On the 29th of September of 2014, the European Cybercrime Centre (E3C) at Europol published a report known as "The Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment (iOCTA)", which provides recommendations on how to act to dissuade crimes committed over electronic communication networks and how to fight against cybernetic threats. The report studies the distinguishing aspects of cybercrime with...