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Cybersecurity in Wireless Comunications in Industrial Enviroments

Posted on 09/28/2017, by INCIBE
Cybersecurity in Wireless Comunications in SCI

Some technologies such as ZigBee or WirelessHART start to consolidate in industrial environments, where devices used for communication are becoming increasingly intelligent, and it is possible to draw an advantage from the simplicity and convenience of the communication systems that use air as a transmission medium.

Comparison of use of wireless technologies

-Comparison of use of wireless technologies-

WiFi, Trusted Wireless, Bluetooth, Zigbee and WirelessHART are the more widespread technologies for wireless communications systems in the industrial sector.  Depending on the specific sector, the physical environment, the process requirements and their critical nature, and, above all, the required security standards, it is necessary to analyse the pros and cons in order to establish the best options for an specific sector.

Comparison of features of different technologies

-Comparison of features of different technologies-

This guide published by INCIBE presents the aforementioned wireless technologies, detailing their possibilities from a security perspective, and describing a series of good practices to keep intact the confidentiality, integrity and availability used by such wireless communications.

The study, available in English and Spanish, can be downloaded in the following links: