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CONAN mobile and the AntiBotnet Service merge

Posted on 02/25/2015, by INCIBE
CONAN mobile

INCIBE is today making available to the general public the new version of CONAN mobile, which was awarded the Spanish National Prize for the Digital Hero of 2014 as the best free security tool.

The free CONAN mobile application will help you to protect your Android mobile device. It lets you check on the security status of your device, showing you solutions for possible risks it might be exposed to and offering advice that will aid you in improving its security.

This new version also brings in the functionalities of the Anti-Botnet Service, already offered over the web by the Web-Surfer’s Security Office (OSI) since it was started up in September 2014. This service allows users to find out whether their connection to the Internet links to any piece of equipment that might be affected by a botnet and gives them guidance in the form of information and tools for disinfection.


CONAN mobile is an application developed by INCIBE, offered through the OSI portal and forming part of the Advanced Cyber-Defence Centre (ACDC) initiative of the European Union, which is aimed at improving the security of Android devices.


European Advanced Cyber-Defence Centre (ACDC)

This version offers new functionalities that are added to all the functions that could be performed by previous versions:

  • Anti-Botnet Service

    The Anti-Botnet Service (currently available only in Spain) is a free service that gives information about whether any security threat involving networks of compromised computers or botnets has been identified as affecting the current connection to the Internet. To do this, it checks the public IP address that is being used to surf the Internet against the Anti-Botnet Service’s database.

    The Service does not identify infected user devices, merely checking the public IP address against the database, and only to the extent that current legislation permits. If the Service detects any threat, it provides information concerning this, such as the operating system that is affected, or links to disinfection tools. This information can be used to identify the device involved.

    This service is a detection mechanism. It in no way should be seen as a replacement for anti-virus or anti-malware systems.


  • Advice from OSI

    CONAN mobile allows access to articles published by OSI (the Web-Surfer’s Security Office) with advice relating to security of mobile devices.


    The general public can access the application completely free of charge via Google Play, available Europe-wide.

    The application can be downloaded from the link below.

    CONAN mobile Google Play.