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#8ENISE: The Nation’s Cybersecurity Strategy Put To The Test

Posted on 10/29/2014, by INCIBE
#8ENISE: The Nation’s Cybersecurity Strategy Put To The Test

The eighth edition of the ENISE focused on analysing the National Cybersecurity Strategy and put it to the test, just as the slogan for this year’s event captured. This year’s meeting, divided in two sessions with different meetings and workshops, also addressed other interesting topics in the area of National Cybersecurity Strategy, including the advances of public agents, the efficiency of available public-private cooperation formulas, the emerging threats and risks in global cybersecurity and the latest technology that can help in the fight against botnets and APTs.

Inauguration #8ENISE

- Inauguration #8ENISE -

Making the most of many of the ideas and debates that arose in some of the workshops and tables, we want to highlight some of the contributions made by the speakers and questions from the audience.

S4: Instruments to fight against cyberespionage

This session was moderated by Javier Candau, Head of Cybersecurity at the CNI, and the debate revolved around the rise and complexity of cyberespionage threats that are used by cybercriminal organizations, private companies, or even government agencies, and the progress in instruments to take them on. The speakers in this session were Jason Steer (Fireeye), Vicente Díaz (Kaspersky Labs), Yuri Gubanov (Belkasoft) and Nader Henein (BlackBerry).

Starting from a general idea that the majority of speakers shared, such as a lack in general preparation against cyberespionage threats, they moved on to analyse in greater detail other important aspects in the fight against cyberespionage such as an insufficient or incorrect risk analysis, the inevitable possibility of suffering these attacks, or the ever more important presence of companies in this segment of threats. They all add up to make the key points to keep in mind when adopting the necessary strategies. The conclusions drawn out from this workshop focus on the common idea of strengthening detection mechanisms, investigation and an exchange of information. A special emphasis was also made on post-incident treatment and the planning of security policies destined to establishing the commitment of the necessary people and resources for the safety of an organization.

S5: New cybersecurity threats

This session was dedicated to the state of the new and sophisticated threats in the cybersecurity scene. The table was moderated by Antonio Ramos Varón, CEO of Stack Overflow and Director of Mundo Hacker, and internationally renowned speakers such as Virginia Aguilar (NATO), Douglas Clifton (Schneider Electric), Pedro Candel (Deloitte) and Dr. Mark Sherman (Carnegie Mellon University) took part.

A number of different and interesting topics were discussed in the session, ranging from the types of threats that big organizations face, including direct attacks such as Spear phishing, Watering hole, DDoS or the exploitation of weaknesses and how they face them. Another important issue discussed was the rise in number and sophistication of these kinds of threats. The fight against this rise must revolve around a greater collaboration between the different actors involved and the application of safe methods, making an initial effort in the design of safe systems and programmes.

Audience #8ENISE

- Audience #8ENISE

Like in previous editions, all the presentations and videos from the conferences will be available soon on the event’s website, and next year we will celebrate another ENISE, already being the ninth edition.